Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Side note: Does it take anyone else FOREVER to get everything together for a post?! Maybe it's my computer getting old and therefore no longer responding to me clicking 18 things at once and expecting it to keep up, or maybe it's too many cameras (the iPhone for quick pics, the SLR for quality, and now the camcorder…it's getting insane), but I am SLOW! I keep wanting to post and then remembering my dilemma of nothing being instantaneous like it is in my mind…I digress.

Here are some cute ones of Avery Thursday morning just for kicks:

On to the weekend! It. was. awesome. We kicked it off Thursday night…so of course it had to be good. The true tell of a good weekend for me seems to be a lack of pictures (okay, I know I just complained about having too many…forgive me!). Thursday, the Luhrmans headed our way for two nights and as always, lots of laughter. We had my favorite club sandwiches and headed out for a walk on the Roanoke River Greenway. It's my favorite. Then we came back and put the babe down and played an intense game of Ticket to Ride (Lori won) and celebrated Mint Julep day with Jordan's favorite drink. Here's the glamor shot:

Friday we got up early and went for breakfast at the Roanoker Restaurant that we'd never tried before. I enjoyed eating way too many biscuits and gravy (how can something so simple be so ridiculously good!?) and then we geared up to play frisbee golf in the park. Since Avery was in the Ergo I watched, rounded up the dog every few minutes seconds and sweated profusely from having a heat radiator of an infant on my chest. Eventually she woke up and wanted to explore the world so Lori and I found a nice hill-top perch to watch the boys proceed to both lose their drivers. Sad. But then we got Sonic!

That afternoon the guys stayed home with Avery for her nap and Lori and I hit the sale at Old Navy. After getting home and watching a few episodes of Parks and Rec (it was a long day!), we taught Avery how to shuck corn, had pulled pork, played outside with the dog and watched a few minutes of Rain Man before we all were about to crash.

Saturday morning we just sat around the table and talked about where we were going to one day have our 6 collective houses and where our next vacations should be…and that boiled down to exploring deserted islands on google earth where we should live (included pro-con lists of the natural resources and the likelihood of hurricanes destroying everything we'd worked so hard for). Ha. Always a fun time with them.

Jordan and I worked Saturday on house stuff, starting to pack, laundry, etc. And then we had more pulled pork and took another greenway walk. Then Lizzie came over and we watched the premiere of the Bachelorette!! So excited for another dramatic season. Wonder who the new Tierra's going to be?!

Sunday we went to church, then headed to Blacksburg where we had lovely visits with the Bethanys, the Highfields, and the Dengs. It was great to see them all. Baby Evy was precious, stimulating conversation with Jeff and Lisa as always, too much cuteness with Eva and Avery, and a very fun game of scattergories later and the weekend was over. Back to the grind! Gotta get this house packed ASAP.

Car snoozin'

Eva LOVED Avery and it was really fun to watch!

Patting her butt

Such a little mommy

Eva loves the iPhone!

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