Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I am extra blessed because I have three wonderful fathers in my life! I have been looking forward to this Father's day so much because it will be Jordan's first. Also, it has been amazing to watch my dad and Jordan's dad be such wonderful granddads for the first time! She is a VERY blessed and loved little girl with so many doting men around her who will be wonderful examples of the man she should look for in a future husband. They also each have such uniquely different talents and will have so many things to teach her and Lord-willing, her future siblings! So, I thought the only right thing to do to commemorate this event was a photo montage :) 

Dad, it has been nothing but a privilege to grow up as your daughter. You are a really good man. And by that I mean that I've always watched you try your best to do the right thing, be an incredibly hard worker, provide for our family, and uphold high values. And along the way we've always had so much fun together! I love you!
In Sydney Harbour

At Luke's graduation

Being a great puppy grandpa first! Look at cute baby Reese!

Dad and Grandpa already showing their love for Avery, putting together her crib!

Grandpa  (or Grandbob!)

Daddy Peace, you are the best father-in-law a girl could have! I am so thankful for the dad you were (and still are) to Jordan and how you've exampled to him what a great dad looks like. You have also been so gracious to welcome me into the family and treat me like your own. I love you.

Family pic in Australia, at the Twelve Apostles

Love these three together - always lots of laughs. 

Feeding the birds - they loved him

And he loved making fun of me for days about my reaction!!

This was such a fun day

Grandaddy Peace

Jordan, this year watching you become a dad has been so incredible! You are seriously the best dad ever to Avery. You've been right there with me every diaper change, sleepless night, enjoying her first smile and most recently belly laugh, and it's been the greatest joy! I know that this little girl is just going to ADORE you (not that she doesn't already - you always make her smile). I'm so thankful God gave me you to create a family with. Thank you so much for caring so much and for putting your role as husband and father at the top of your priorities. You're the best. I love you!!!

Meeting his girl



Like father like daughter :) Watching the TV

Clearly these two are my favorite photography subject!! Can't get enough of the two of them together.

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