Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heritage Park

Secretly I've always wanted to be one of those super-athletic couples that do outdoor activities together non-stop, own hard-core biking spandex, and have camelbak backpacks for rehydrating. I just love being outside and would love to constantly be biking, walking, running, hiking, kayaking, swimming, whatever outside with Jordan. We've been able to do some things like this lately, but the weather and our schedules haven't allowed us too much until recently. Yesterday we went to Heritage park (how I didn't know about this park until this week is beyond me) and rode our bikes for an hour. It was really nice and a great workout since it was so dang hilly! We had a great time together and I'm hoping we can go again tomorrow before we head back to Mechanicsville on Saturday. We are debating whether or not we should bring our bikes to Mechanicsville since there are definitely good places to ride there, but I think we're just a little worried about space in the cars. We'll see. Maybe we'll buy a bike rack once we're there to get them home (since we'll be dropping off the jeep to be sold). I really would love to go riding our bikes at Belle Isle! I always see people doing outdoor sports there, I just never really have - only swimming and rock-hopping :). I'm looking forward to having some time in Richmond to just do some of the things I used to love doing in high school. Here are a couple pictures of the beautiful heritage park:

Shawn Johnson on Dancin with the Stars!

This is from the last week of the competition, which ended Tuesday night. Jordan and I got pretty into it and when Shawn won we were both so happy that Gilles didn't win that we were jumping up and down. Here is the dance that won the competition!

Tonight - So You Think You Can Dance starts!!! We watched this last summer and it was a saving grace with the chaotic-ness of the summer. It was fun to watch it with Jordan's family, too! Anyway - it's on fox and if you didn't watch it last year - I would recommend it. They definitely have the most talented dancers (and most annoying judges). :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scrumptious Slug Salad

This weekend was graduation, which meant lots of parties and spending last precious moments with some very dear friends, but it also meant that Anne Parker and her husband JM would be visiting for the weekend! I have been very excited for that recently, and now that they left a couple hours ago, I'm quite sad knowing I won't see her again for a few months (hopefully that's it!).

Anyway, we went to breakfast Saturday morning with Sarah and Leah, and before heading home to our hubbies, we stopped at the Farmer's market to peruse the goods...

Anyway, I ended up picking up a beautiful salad for dinner that night for $2. I was quite happy about this find, since it was so fresh and all. So, that night AP and I made dinner and prepped the salad, giving it a good rinse and adding lots of goodies.

So we sit down to eat and we all start with our salads, of course. Since I was so happy to have gotten the salad at the farmer's market, I start remarking about its freshness, how green and yummy it is, etc. etc. A few bites later, I glance into my salad and gasp! There was a SLUG IN MY SALAD. How sick is that!! So I of course pick up the piece of lettuce and hold it up to show our guests, and the slug "stands" up on the lettuce and basically reared his ugly head at us! It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever experienced.

We were all dying laughing, pushing our salads to the side, and really, we were all just so appalled that that had actually happened. JM and Jordan starting making up little accents for the slug, saying it was Irish and he was laughing at us, and that he was calling out to his wife and children in my STOMACH. SICK! This is the most horrifying thing I could imagine happening while we have guests for the weekend! I was so glad it was found in my salad, and not someone else's! Oh well - we all had a good laugh about it and I'm sure we'll remember the story often.

Here's a picture to show you just how gross this little slimy guy really was. Yuck. So, the moral of the story is - wash and rewash your greens, and keep an eye out for squirmy things in your farmer's market salads this summer!!

Another nasty thing I learned as a result of this - the amounts of bug parts allowed in processed foods is crazy! For example - black pepper is allowed to have up to 1% of mammalian feces in it and still be deemed permissible for sale! gross.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Favorite Graduates

Here are some pictures of the staff team playing with baby Ryan during the last Cru...and then the graduates. :( SOO sad they're leaving, but of course really excited for them too.

He's getting teeth!!

Lovely Jen

My dear Sherri

The beautiful Chez

My darling Sydni - off to serve with CCC in Venezuela!!

Baby Ryan takin a swig of his bottle...

Hunter and Aicel... both going to be on staff next year!!

Jerry, about the be the assistant president of CCC...or the assistant to the president??

Jordan and Adam

My lovely co-laborers :) and sweet Laura

of course this wasn't staged..........

Somehow i missed taking a picture of Miss Haley Booe...