Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I am extra blessed because I have three wonderful fathers in my life! I have been looking forward to this Father's day so much because it will be Jordan's first. Also, it has been amazing to watch my dad and Jordan's dad be such wonderful granddads for the first time! She is a VERY blessed and loved little girl with so many doting men around her who will be wonderful examples of the man she should look for in a future husband. They also each have such uniquely different talents and will have so many things to teach her and Lord-willing, her future siblings! So, I thought the only right thing to do to commemorate this event was a photo montage :) 

Dad, it has been nothing but a privilege to grow up as your daughter. You are a really good man. And by that I mean that I've always watched you try your best to do the right thing, be an incredibly hard worker, provide for our family, and uphold high values. And along the way we've always had so much fun together! I love you!
In Sydney Harbour

At Luke's graduation

Being a great puppy grandpa first! Look at cute baby Reese!

Dad and Grandpa already showing their love for Avery, putting together her crib!

Grandpa  (or Grandbob!)

Daddy Peace, you are the best father-in-law a girl could have! I am so thankful for the dad you were (and still are) to Jordan and how you've exampled to him what a great dad looks like. You have also been so gracious to welcome me into the family and treat me like your own. I love you.

Family pic in Australia, at the Twelve Apostles

Love these three together - always lots of laughs. 

Feeding the birds - they loved him

And he loved making fun of me for days about my reaction!!

This was such a fun day

Grandaddy Peace

Jordan, this year watching you become a dad has been so incredible! You are seriously the best dad ever to Avery. You've been right there with me every diaper change, sleepless night, enjoying her first smile and most recently belly laugh, and it's been the greatest joy! I know that this little girl is just going to ADORE you (not that she doesn't already - you always make her smile). I'm so thankful God gave me you to create a family with. Thank you so much for caring so much and for putting your role as husband and father at the top of your priorities. You're the best. I love you!!!

Meeting his girl



Like father like daughter :) Watching the TV

Clearly these two are my favorite photography subject!! Can't get enough of the two of them together.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sibling Love

I wanted to title this post "The Tail of Avery and Reese" but I just couldn't bring myself to be that cheesy! Except for the fact that clearly I posted my cringe-worthy title here anyway. Oops.

A lot of people have asked me how Reese is doing with Avery. The short answer is he's doing great! Reese has always loved to be close to us and to cuddle and there's no difference with how he treats Avery. We just don't let him get too close or lick her very often. He's so sweet in that he always wants to lay next to her. He knows he's not allowed on her playmat or her blanket, but he'll usually lay RIGHT next to it, often with the tip of his paw or head resting on it (gotta push the boundaries a little bit!). So overall, we've been very pleased with his adjustment, especially since he's only 1 and a very high energy dog at times.

Avery really likes Reese, too. Probably about a month ago she really started to take notice of him. There was one day I was holding her and Reese ran up next to us and she just stared at him like he was the strangest but most exciting thing she'd ever set eyes on. Then of course she put her hand right into his mouth and pulled on his lip. But sweet Reese didn't mind a bit. Since that day she's been becoming much more observant and interested in him and will try to pet/touch him when he gets close. This has been fine, but once, a few days ago, while I was nursing her and he was squeezed into the 8in gap between the arm of the couch and me, she reached out and grabbed his *short* tail and it totally grossed me out!! No baby girl - no hands in/near the puppy's butt. Germ-xed her hands immediately of course. :)

I thought you'd appreciate seeing a few pictures of their budding relationship!

Scoping out the new addition to the family, 3 days old.

First cuddles (that mommy was unaware were taking place) - 4 days old.

Reese falling in love??

This picture was pretty common the first few weeks  - with Reese
protecting his girls.

Making sure he was close on hand if he was needed

Reese loves story time! 

Reese hopped up on the ottoman right next to her while we were playing.
She promptly petted him (with smiles!).

Puppy made a stop at Avery's jumperoo. She was happy.

Ooo lots of hair to grab!!

This feels funny, Mom!!

You're my BEST pup!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Hey Mama! Watch this! Are you watching?
Yay. I'm glad.

I can roll over now.  It just takes a little concentration...

Hold on, gotta suck on my hand a little.

My hand just tastes so good. It's my favorite thing in the world.
Almost there!
Woo! I did it! Now lemme just suck on my shirt a little while. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weddings Galore!

We've travelled to Richmond THREE times for weddings in the last 6 weeks. :) That means LOVE. Packing up a car full of baby + baby STUFF + dog + dog stuff + us and our wee little suitcase compared to theirs three times was quite a feat. But in this family, we have developed a culture of travel, so Avery and Reese have to be along for the ride. Avery has done beautifully, and has actually been far easier than little Reese (since we had to constantly shuffle him around with different puppy-sitters)!

We have really enjoyed getting to watch some of our dear friends and past teammates and roommates declare their love publicly and begin what is pretty much the best adventure ever. And holy cow their weddings were gorgeous! I loved the venues for each of them…all outdoor weddings overlooking water and tented receptions under the stars. I loved Nicole's theme (red+black+Coca-cola!), Katherine's awesome hanging parasols (why did I not take a picture of those?), and Chez's awesome band (and homemade vanilla favors! so fun). Plus many more creative and stunning details. Well done ladies - in the (usually annoying) age of the Pinterest "phantom" wedding, you managed to let your personalities shine through without having to compete with every other "perfect" wedding on the inter webs. Congratulations Joe and Nicole, Katherine and Michael, and Chez and Chip! We love you guys are are so excited for married dates with you! 

Nicole's wedding, April 28th, 2013:
Pretty Nicole getting her hair done…Avery was enthralled. 
She sat there and watched Nicole for the better part of an hour!

Bess and me

The family pic we had to take :)

Such a diva in that coat!

Mr. and Mrs. Teichman!

Chez's wedding, May 26th, 2013:

Lesson I shouldn't have needed to learn…don't dress infants in dresses
with a crinalin (sp?)! Geez it was big - but beautiful! 

Mr. and Mrs. Snyders!

Mama Booe and Haley practicing :)

 Love this girl!

Katherine's wedding, May 11th, 2013: (Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the bride and groom!)

Love this smiling girl and her crazy dad!

She was loving them!!