Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what if...

...we had gotten pregnant on our honeymoon!

*We would be having a baby right now...9 months later...
*I would be rethinking ministry on campus.
*We would be stressed about how little space we have for baby Peace.
*We would reconsider going overseas next year.
*I would be huge with baby!
*We would have probably bought a more family friendly car.
*We would be raising a ton of support.
*Pampers would be taking over my linen closet!
*We would have had conversations names, summer plans, our parenting skills...etc.
*We would be getting an apartment for the summer at New Staff Training (no dorm room for baby!)
*I would have painted, against the wishes of our landlord, a pretty nursery.
*Maybe we would have gone house hunting(??).
*We would have had baby showers, huge doctor bills, nursery furnishing expenses.
*I would probably listen to Mozart. (Will I be that type of pregnant mommy??)
*Our house would be filled with talk of children.
*Our friends would be going crazy with excitement (hopefully!).
*We'd be wondering when the next one should be planned......

WHEW. Glad that didn't happen!
I'll wait another few years, please, for baby Peace.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We did it!!

Yes, we bought our first joint car. And we couldn't be happier! It's a 2010 Mazda3.

Here are the pictures we took - mainly to show my parents...ENJOY :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our first major purchase

We are so lucky and thankful that we have no debt right now at all. But we are about to accumulate some since we are currently in the market for a new car!!

Here are the options, right now.

The 2009 Nissan Sentra FE+2.0

it's interior:

The 2009 Toyota Corolla XLE

the interior:

These are the other 2 choices, a little less likely options, though:

The 2009 Mazda3

The 2009 Honda Civic

They aren't the most exciting cars in the world, but they will be great for all the traveling we do. I'm super excited and we've been having so much fun the past week and a half test driving some and researching and discussing. Just wanted to share, cause it's pretty exciting news around here!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Something I love about my husband...

He loves kids.

ahhh...SUPER long catch up blog...

So, I keep looking at this blog and stalling because I want to have something really good to write since it's been forever. But I figured I should just break the ice first and just catch up so I didn't feel so intimidated about blogging. Plus, 24 comes on in 20 minutes so I don't have that much time. :)

This month we have been out of town like crazy! We spent a wonderful sunny week in Panama City Beach, FL for the Big Break conference. Jordan and I got our own condo with another newly married couple - and who would have thought - we aren't the newest married couple any more! They had only been married for 3 months. We are going to hit 9 months on Sunday. We had a great time at the conference, got a little tan, which has since completely sunk in, and shared our faith a ton. Awesome thing: 2 women I shared with on the beach told me that they wanted to accept Christ, and I have since texted with one of them a couple of times! Jordan also saw a guy trust Christ that week. This was the first fruit (at least in the form of someone making a decision like this) that either of us have seen all year - so it was really encouraging!

on the way down to PCB

date night

ju and brady

morning walk

Then Jordan spoke at Cru - which is always so cool. This was his second time and he did really really well. I was so proud of him. Here is the link to his first talk last year at Cru if you're interested. It's on Philippians 1.

At the beginning of the last week in March I went away for a week to the Wives Conference. It was the longest we'd been apart so far, so of course I missed Jordan a lot and was really excited to come home, even though it was a wonderful week. I learned a lot about myself and about how I can process my life more often and about grace with my husband - really good material. Anyway, we were in a cabin with 8 women - all the ones in my cabin were married without kids yet and so we had a great time together. I don't think I took any pictures that week though - I guess I was just having so much fun it didn't pop into my head.

Here are the yummy pb and chocolate cake bites I made to take...mmmm

Last weekend we were in Mechanicsville to speak at Fairmount Christian and then just spend time with the families. :) It's becoming so nice to just spend time with my parents and us and talk and play cards...I'm enjoying how our relationship is growing and changing. Also while we were home I got my very own tomato plants from Jordan's dad! I can't believe he let me take some of his babies. I am officially a small scale farmer! Actually, I'm really scared they are going to die (they may or may not have almost died the other night when it got a little too cold for them). I think I am become really self-concious about my gardening skills. I need to practice up so one day I can have a big beautiful garden and grow lots of fruits and vegetables.

Now there's just 3 1/2 weeks left until the semester is over, or at least til I stop meeting with students. Then it will be back and forth to Mechanicsville for a month and a half while we raise support - and then to Ft Collins, Colorado for 7 weeks! YAY. We'll be doing new staff training and then we'll stick around for the national staff conference til the end of July. Then it's back to raising support and hopefully we'll be able to report early in the semester back to Tech (assuming that's where we're placed (: ).

Easter yesterday was so nice. We ended up going to 408 (my old house) for a lovely brunch. I brought smoked salmon bruschetta and coffee cake and bacon and we also had potatos, eggs, fruit, chocolate chip bread, ham, and sweet tea! It was quite the feast.

Easter evening was spent at our house with some friends over for wedding cake and wine. Since we knew we were not going to be here this summer for our anniversary, we figured we'd break out the cake a little early and Easter seemed like the perfect time since it's lavender with daisies on it. It was really fun last night - except for the fact that wine makes me so terribly sleepy. I was asleep before midnight and poor Jen was left on the couch with me sleeping for the second half of Gilmore Girls that we started after everyone left. Oops!

unfortunately we didn't really get a good cake-cutting picture at the wedding, so here it is the second time around :)

I am having an outreach Wednesday night at the international center for international students to come to so they can learn all about the true meaning of Easter. Aka: I'm showing the JESUS film :) I am really hoping it goes well and that people come. We're also decorating cookies and having a little discussion time at the end. It's my only outreach this semester so pray I get contacts from it so I can follow up with lots of students for the rest of the semester! If you haven't seen the Jesus film - you totally should. It's way better than I thought it was going to be. It's also in 1000 languages!!!