Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weddings Galore!

We've travelled to Richmond THREE times for weddings in the last 6 weeks. :) That means LOVE. Packing up a car full of baby + baby STUFF + dog + dog stuff + us and our wee little suitcase compared to theirs three times was quite a feat. But in this family, we have developed a culture of travel, so Avery and Reese have to be along for the ride. Avery has done beautifully, and has actually been far easier than little Reese (since we had to constantly shuffle him around with different puppy-sitters)!

We have really enjoyed getting to watch some of our dear friends and past teammates and roommates declare their love publicly and begin what is pretty much the best adventure ever. And holy cow their weddings were gorgeous! I loved the venues for each of them…all outdoor weddings overlooking water and tented receptions under the stars. I loved Nicole's theme (red+black+Coca-cola!), Katherine's awesome hanging parasols (why did I not take a picture of those?), and Chez's awesome band (and homemade vanilla favors! so fun). Plus many more creative and stunning details. Well done ladies - in the (usually annoying) age of the Pinterest "phantom" wedding, you managed to let your personalities shine through without having to compete with every other "perfect" wedding on the inter webs. Congratulations Joe and Nicole, Katherine and Michael, and Chez and Chip! We love you guys are are so excited for married dates with you! 

Nicole's wedding, April 28th, 2013:
Pretty Nicole getting her hair done…Avery was enthralled. 
She sat there and watched Nicole for the better part of an hour!

Bess and me

The family pic we had to take :)

Such a diva in that coat!

Mr. and Mrs. Teichman!

Chez's wedding, May 26th, 2013:

Lesson I shouldn't have needed to learn…don't dress infants in dresses
with a crinalin (sp?)! Geez it was big - but beautiful! 

Mr. and Mrs. Snyders!

Mama Booe and Haley practicing :)

 Love this girl!

Katherine's wedding, May 11th, 2013: (Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the bride and groom!)

Love this smiling girl and her crazy dad!

She was loving them!!

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