Monday, March 2, 2009

Where did all the snow plows go!?

So I know yesterday I was in love with how beautiful the snow is, but this morning when we got in the car to leave for staff prayer at 10am we were appalled at how bad the roads were! They were still covered with ice and snow. Usually Blacksburg is much better about this! The on-ramps and the off-ramps of 460 were still completely dangerous and we had to fully accelerate and slow down while still on the interstate. Usually I wouldn't care quite so much about this, but I think it's just been a really long time since we've had a snowstorm like this (we got over 4") and so my awareness of danger is heightened. Anyway, we were definitely worried about all the people who don't have 4 wheel drive like us! Of course, Virginia Tech only got a 2 hour delay this morning. But it was weird to realize this morning that this was the first snow day that wouldn't have affected what I do today. I'm really a graduate!!

Now I'm going to go make some little cake pops for the Bachelor finale party tonight! Here is what they will hopefully look like, except white with chocolate stripes:This picture is from Bakerella's blog. That's where I saw this super cute idea!

So, speaking of the Bachelor Finale, I am semi-ashamed to say that I am unashamedly hooked! I am having some girls (and a couple of guys, to join Jordan) over to watch the 3 hour finale tonight. Here is the bachelor - Jason:

And here are the 2 girls left:
Who do you think he'll pick?
Melissa or Molly?

I'm pretty sure everyone coming would be horrified if it's not Melissa. But my mom seems to have a hunch that it's going to be Molly. We will see.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a winter wonderland...2 months late!

There is something so magical about snow at Christmas time. But really, it's been just as magical the past couple of days! This has been a really great weekend, and really for no reason in particular. It's been pretty typical. But maybe it's just because I like my life so much normally that all the weekends seem especially great. Eh, that's not totally true - but pretty close. On Friday night we had a really really good dinner - well it was really good to me. I absolutely love smoked salmon. And so it was on sale this week and I bought some to make little open faced sandwiches. I grilled some bread and then put some chive and onion cream cheese on it and then layered the smoked salmon, roasted red peppers, and some baby romaine lettuce and I thought they were AMAZING. So, obviously that was a great start to the weekend - hopefully Jordan thought so too. But then we ended up going roller skating! Chris on our staff team was having a fellowship night for NRCC and so we went to support him with another couple we love and we had such a blast! It's amazing how much fun you can have doing things you used to love in elementary school. Here are the guys:

Me and Jordan - don't I look great in roller skates!!? Haha. And don't think Jordan didn't skate - cause he was totally all over the roller blades.

Anyway, so then yesterday morning we had a pancake breakfast for a bunch of students who are considering becoming Bible study leaders and I got to speak some - which was fun and good practice for sure. Then we came home and watched some of the movie Pearl Harbor - which I had never seen and Jordan was sweet enough to watch it with me. Dan and Sarah came over to watch the Duke game - which I won't even mention - and then we went to the Homeplace for dinner! I have only been there one other time since it's really about a 45 minute drive and usually I'm not in the mood for all you can eat down-home cookin. But after our basketball loss (oops, I said I wasn't going to mention that), it was the perfect thing to do with a big group of friends. It started snowing while we were there which just made the big farmhouse look even prettier, except when we had to leave to drive home. Of course, I was close to panicked the whole way home cause I hate driving with ice and snow on the ground, but we made it home - YAY and then finished Pearl Harbor (I really liked it!). Today when we woke up the snow was so beautiful and fluffy all over the ground that we decided to just skip church (I know, we're bad missionaries!) and snuggle up to watch the snow.

We just figured out that our couch is awesome when we pull the ottoman right up to it, so we're basically both laying down and it's so comfy. Here's Jordan saving my seat :)

Look how magical!!

Okay these pictures are random - but since we were inside I decided to make my rather long nails (I'm a chronic nail-biter so this is long to me) look pretty. I have been driving by the nail salon all week wondering whether I should go in and get a french manicure, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $20 on it so I decided I'd see how my skills were with free-handing the tips. I didn't have white so I practiced with another color but now I actually think they look really cool!! Next time I'll have to get some white first though.

The last thing that was good about this weekend was that I got my razor back today!! I left it home in Richmond last weekend, and at first I was really happy for the excuse to not shave for a week, but then I started really missing it!! Sadly, when I used it today I cut myself for the first time in years! I was so ashamed that a week of not shaving could lead to such poor shaving skills...and a really sad looking cut. :(