Friday, June 14, 2013

Sibling Love

I wanted to title this post "The Tail of Avery and Reese" but I just couldn't bring myself to be that cheesy! Except for the fact that clearly I posted my cringe-worthy title here anyway. Oops.

A lot of people have asked me how Reese is doing with Avery. The short answer is he's doing great! Reese has always loved to be close to us and to cuddle and there's no difference with how he treats Avery. We just don't let him get too close or lick her very often. He's so sweet in that he always wants to lay next to her. He knows he's not allowed on her playmat or her blanket, but he'll usually lay RIGHT next to it, often with the tip of his paw or head resting on it (gotta push the boundaries a little bit!). So overall, we've been very pleased with his adjustment, especially since he's only 1 and a very high energy dog at times.

Avery really likes Reese, too. Probably about a month ago she really started to take notice of him. There was one day I was holding her and Reese ran up next to us and she just stared at him like he was the strangest but most exciting thing she'd ever set eyes on. Then of course she put her hand right into his mouth and pulled on his lip. But sweet Reese didn't mind a bit. Since that day she's been becoming much more observant and interested in him and will try to pet/touch him when he gets close. This has been fine, but once, a few days ago, while I was nursing her and he was squeezed into the 8in gap between the arm of the couch and me, she reached out and grabbed his *short* tail and it totally grossed me out!! No baby girl - no hands in/near the puppy's butt. Germ-xed her hands immediately of course. :)

I thought you'd appreciate seeing a few pictures of their budding relationship!

Scoping out the new addition to the family, 3 days old.

First cuddles (that mommy was unaware were taking place) - 4 days old.

Reese falling in love??

This picture was pretty common the first few weeks  - with Reese
protecting his girls.

Making sure he was close on hand if he was needed

Reese loves story time! 

Reese hopped up on the ottoman right next to her while we were playing.
She promptly petted him (with smiles!).

Puppy made a stop at Avery's jumperoo. She was happy.

Ooo lots of hair to grab!!

This feels funny, Mom!!

You're my BEST pup!


  1. Dogs and babies - nothing cuter! Glad they like each other so much. Reese is lucky he's got a girl first because they are naturally so much gentler. Caleb would body slam our dogs and you could see them bracing themselves when he would toddle over to them. But when Hanna came along, they were pleasantly surprised at her much less physical attention :)

    What a beautiful family Jessamyn! We are so happy for you and so glad to hear you'll be back in the home-area!

    1. Thanks Shelly!! We're excited too :)