Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aussie words

Since I arrived here 2 months ago (crazy that it's already been so long!!!), I've been keeping a list of words in my journal that are different from "American" English words. Some of them are fitting and I think some are just ridiculous and I feel so funny saying them, but whatever!

arvo = afternoon
costume/cozzie = bathing suit
tall boy = dresser
holiday = vacation
good on ya = good job
how are you going = what's up (i've actually started saying this without effort!!)
i'm going to do wash = i'm going to wash the clothes
biscuit = cookie
cordial = kool-aid
rubbish = trash
bin = trash can
suss it out = feel it out
trolley = shopping cart
flat white = cafe au lait
Macca's = McDonald's
sanga = sandwich
paddle pop = popsicle
ta = thank you (this one I cannot get used to!!)
cheers = bye, thanks, etc. (don't exactly know but they say it all the time)
jumper = sweater
sunnies = sunglasses
key volunteer = student leader
diary = planner/agenda
straight away = immediately (I've started saying this one lots too!)
capsicum = pepper (red capsicum = red pepper)
serviettes = napkins
nappy = diaper
bun = roll
mozzie bite = mosquito bite
uni = college
college = dorm
heaps = lots

There are lots more but just thought you may like learning about my new vocab words! :)


  1. those are awesome! it's amazing that even thought we're all technically speaking the same language, things that just don't translate the same between australia, the US and England. i love learning all the different meanings! this post was great :)

  2. i'm glad you liked it! :) thanks for reading!

  3. My bible study co-leader is from Sydney.

    Here are my favorites that I hear him say:
    * My shout = My treat (I'll pay for it)
    * Give us a call = call me