Sunday, January 11, 2009

Graduation 2008

As much work as you put into college, you'd think that graduating would be a little more exciting. I guess not as much when you're already married and have a job. It was a nice weekend, my parents and grandmother came up, we had a little celebration together, and went out to lunch after the ceremony. It was nice, but sitting through 2 hours of names being called after yours is not really a great reward for completing 3 and a half years of schooling.

Here's the family picture we got - it was raining and sooo windy so we all look pretty awkward. I think my dad got slightly better pictures. At least we were color coordinated.

Happy at Olive Garden after the ceremony.

Just so you aren't overwhelmed - I am probably going to post a lot in the next few days to play catch up from the past month since so much happened!! 

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  1. You graduated!! Yeah, I guess its not as exciting if you already are married and have a job, but still, welcome to the "adult" world without college! whats next for you two?