Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Melting Pot Family

Something that you may not know about me (or family) is that we are very multi-cultural. I was thinking about this on Thanksgiving as I looked around and also thought about the past couple of years. My grandfather married a woman from Honduras, therefore I have aunts and uncles that are of that descent. But this year there was also a Filipino, and a lot of partial Mexican members of the family. Last year I had thanksgiving at my aunt Jen's, who is my dad's youngest sister (8 years older than me), and who is married to a Brazilian man. Then my dad's other sister is married to a Peruvian, uncle is about to marry a Ukrainian woman, other uncle is married to a Hungarian. Then there are my cousins - one's dating a girl from Russia, one's dating one from Thailand, the other, a girl from South America - I forget where exactly. Some guests that were invited to this thanksgiving meal were a Korean friend of the family, as well as a couple of my uncle's Brazilian friends. 

All of this makes for lots of good stories and I love talking about other cultures and trying to figure out foreign languages with them. One of my aunts (the Hungarian one) has lots of good stories about her escape from the USSR out of the satellite Hungary when she was 6. My Brazilian uncle's parents have invited us to Brazil and Italy multiple times...I used to dream about taking them up on their offers. I really like that my family is like this, a big compilation of cultures, and a perfect representation of America. Most of the time I forget that this is not typical among families. Sometimes I wonder if this is why I have somewhat of an obsession with traveling overseas. Hmm. 

Here is *I think* the only picture taken of us on Thanksgiving...

I am eating THE most amazing banana cream pie in this picture...made by my aunt Cyndi. It has homemade custard, caramel and chocolate sauce, and crust!

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