Sunday, November 30, 2008

if you read this blog...

and you don't have your own...and i know there are some of should totally start your own (so that people like me can have more distractions in their lives).  :)  that's all! haha. have a great sunday afternoon! and happy decorating!


  1. that picture is so cute of you guys!! Yeah we do live in Craney Island. In the summer I would take Britton on walks every morning and it was a little weird to see people I knew in hs... or people I had crushes on haha. And I saw a guy that kind of stalked me my sophomore year. They totally did double takes as I was walking with a BABY! haha

  2. im also impressed by how much you've done on your blog already! I usually just read blogs through google reader, so I don't see the backgrounds or anything and you even figured out 3 columns! Most people get totally confused, so way to go! You're better than I was when I first started my blog for sure.

  3. Hey Jessamyn,

    Aren't blogs the greatest? I got hooked earlier this year and I love 'em! I'll add your blog to my google reader for my daily reads :) Glad to see things are going so well for you and Jordan!