Tuesday, November 11, 2008

House Prints!

So I am finally getting around to printing off pictures to put up in our house...three months later! Ha. So, I am trying to make this collage with picture frames and these awesome black square wirey things I found at goodwill for 75 cents. We will see how it goes. But to go with the rest of our living room I put them all in the antique style on iPhoto. I am loving how they turned out. Now the hard part is going to be choosing which ones to use....which are your favorites!?

This was at boudreaux's on Sunday


Jordan and his bro...

My loves!

Jordan and Katie...

A couple from our honeymoon...

These were from a bridal shower in May.

In Jordan's backyard...gotta love Mechanicsville...

These were taken in Venezuela last spring...

Valentine's Day

Some from Christmas last year...

From when we got engaged...

Some of Jordan's mom...

Here are some old North Africa photos...

The other thing that happened to me this week was that I realized that I was incredibly bored and uninspired. Thankfully, God convicted me of this and so while I was meeting with him on Sunday night, I wrote down all of the good things that happened the past week, so that I could decide if my life was really horrible and boring. The result: I found out that I was being stupid and had lots to be thankful for, of course! Here is what I wrote...

-Monday, I did a halloween candy outreach at EAJ, one of the dorms at Tech. It was so fun giving it away and getting into short conversations with some of the students.
-Tuesday, I had a ton of freshmen girls over to our house for a fall party, where we decorated sugar cookie pumpkins, played lots of games, ate fall baked goods, and got to know each other.
-Cru on Wednesday was AWESOME, and the speaker talked about marriage.
-I had my first conversation with Allie in a long time - yay!
-The election, voting with Jordan, we have a new president!
-Dad's birthday!
-Allie's birthday!
-Leah's birthday, dinner and GREAT conversation with GREAT girls at More Than Coffee (and pita and hummus - yum!)
-I got to share the gospel with my Chinese friend, Jaclyn.
-Isaiah and Betsy visited us - we had an awesome double date weekend.
-Our bible study had a creative date with a great guys bible study.
-I made some really fun jewelry.
-Rock Band!!!!
-Lunch date with Haley and Jerry. Two of my favorites.
-Riding my bike around town - FINALLY!

If only I had started my kitchen garden of herbs. Then my life would be complete.

But really, I can be so silly sometimes with just wanting to move on to the next thing. I need to live more in the moment. This is all lately.

PS: Today my three-hour class got cancelled, which led to a wonderful, overdue, two and a half hour coffee date with the lovely Sarah Strong. 

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  1. Look at all these pictures!! It would take me DAYS to up load that many pictures! Ah, the land of fast internet! How are you all? Yes, I am a blog addict also, its great! I miss you guys too. Come to Burundi and vist!