Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i could do like 3 or 4 posts just about yesterday. it was such a packed, important day for me in ministry, my personal life here, and social life! but since i have to go to campus in a few minutes, i thought i would just share one story!

since this is o-week, like i told you before, this is the perfect time for us to "launch" at new campuses, which just means try to start a ministry/movement at a new uni. jordan and i have spent a good amount of time trying to investigate the uni, figure out how things work, if i ministry like student life would flourish there, etc. so yesterday morning was finally the day we were supposed to go to vic uni footscray (victoria university at footscray park). honestly, i was pretty nervous about how the day would go, because despite our research, we had not gotten very far and i'd heard from several students that clubs/student organizations are just not a part of student life at the uni, so i was a bit discouraged about whether or not we would have wasted day. we really had no appointments at the uni, knew no students, had no way of getting in contact with any was looking bleak.

so we arrive at prayer at 9, and i just start praying for God to really show off, to give us stories to tell about how great HE is and in a time when we were able to do NOTHING. but really i was also just nervous a bit. well, it turns out that yesterday, waaay across the city, at a completely different campus not associated with vic uni at all, chris and lori's team had a guy from vic uni (how RANDOM is this?! there are tens of THOUSANDS of people at each uni and the chances that someone would actually fill out a survey are usually slim, but that it would be a very interested student from a uni with another 50,000 students there for the day?? no way). so obviously we knew that that contact was handed to us directly from God. it was not coincidence.

when we get in the car at about 10:30 to drive over there, we still had nothing. jordan pulled out ben's (the guy from vic uni) card and called him to see if by chance he would be coming to uni that day (not likely since classes haven't started and he was a 4th year). he said yes, he's coming at 2, but he'll leave now to meet us earlier! he also told jordan that he used to be involved with Student Life a few years ago before it had fizzled. so ben came to meet us and we went to lunch; it turns out he loves Student Life, is "keen" to get involved again, loves to share his faith, and is willing to help begin a movement!

if you have ever been involved in ministry before, you know that this type of random meeting with a student who is the perfect candidate to lead your movement doesn't happen!! anyway - i was blown away, so humbled that God would perform that feat in front of me, and that now vic uni may once again have a thriving ministry! praise God for his mighty ways, and for the fact that it's so easy for Him to just show off! You are so great, God!

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