Tuesday, February 22, 2011

kick-off camp!

believe it or not, we've been here over 6 weeks! i can't say i've been transformed into a city girl yet. honestly, when i'm trying to think of something to do here, i still can't, even though cities are supposed to have so much to do in them. but we manage!

anyway, this week is O-week, or Orientation Week for the rest of the world that doesn't abbreviate everything possible. this is the week before classes begin, when students flood into the lawns, student centers, and public areas. i.e. the BEST time of the year for ministry!

to kick it all off, we hosted a kick-off camp (i know, fitting title), this weekend! it was at a scout camp about an hour outside melbourne (or 3 hours from our house via public transport - yikes!) it was actually an incredibly refreshing weekend for me ministry-wise because i was able to finally get to know the students who make up the movement in the melbourne area. they are fantastic - love the Lord - desire to reach their campuses - and are lots of fun, too. i don't know what i was expecting, but they fit the bill and it was so good to know who we get to work alongside this year.

since the past few weeks have been spent on campus usually in a study room somewhere meeting, hashing out roles, strategy, praying, etc., this week has been great to DO what we came here to do! and to see Aussies committed to the mission is amazing. can you join me in praying this week for us and our students as we do tons of outreach and handing out flyers, host cheeseburger parties and welcome bbqs, make follow-up phone calls, have first meetings with students who will hopefully choose a life of adventure with Jesus, become part of Student Life (campus crusade's name in AUS), and be future missionaries to their countries - literally all over the world. but most of all Asia. seriously so many Asians in this country.

here's a picture from kick-off camp. Gina on the right - she is our
Servant team leader at RMIT Uni in the City, but does a TON for
Student life. Then Ron is in the middle - he is on RMIT Bundoora,
working with that team. and then me and Chris (on the staff team)

Loving this week and trusting God for BIG things in Melbourne!

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