Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aussie word of the day...


Funny story: The other day we were in the city, "decoding" a brand new university by walking around, figuring out where students hang out, asking questions, and getting our bearings. When we walked in off the street, we passed a sign for the University Arcade. Then we just walked in and went to the library and a few other places. We came back downstairs to look around before we left, kind of discouraged because there are really no communal places for students to hang out, and they didn't really want us around for their orientation day in a couple of weeks. So since there were really no good places to pass out flyers, I suggested we check out the arcade before we left to see if any students were playing games or just hanging out doing whatever. That is when Jordan informed me that an "arcade" in this country is just a breezeway, walkthrough, cut across to anther street. OOPS! I guess I won't be playing any skee ball with the students this year!

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