Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12 Week Ultrasound

I was SO excited for this appointment on August 1st. We moved to Roanoke about 3 weeks before this, so it was our first appointment with our new doctor. We loved the practice so much! Everyone was wonderful, starting with the ultrasound technician and even down to the office ladies. I think the doctor will be a good fit for me and I really liked her. Seeing the baby look like a baby was really cool. It made me feel like I actually was growing a human in there, and not a blob! Jordan loved getting to watch and hear the heartbeat and kept looking at the pictures over and over again. Sweet Daddy.

The little profile!

This one is of his or her butt and legs. Butt is on the right and legs are crossed.

Full body, laying on their back. He or she is kinda smiling!

Another full body profile. You can make out the hands and feet.

This picture is seriously incredible to me! You can totally tell it is a little person in there!
This picture made the pregnancy feel really real to us and we couldn't stop looking at it.
I love the way their little hands are clasped in front of their face and the ears! Oh the ears!
Those knobby things at the bottom are the knees with legs bent to keep their modesty!


  1. This baby is amazing! I love that you can tell their little hands and feet are forming! So beautiful!!

  2. That last picture is incredible! I'm glad this doctor's appointment/seeing the ultrasound made you both feel more connected to the baby and like it's really a little person in there! I love reading your updates and am just so excited for you guys!

  3. Wow, so incredible to see the photos of you little one! He/she is growing so much-thrilled you got to see him/her.