Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day of Rest!

...Well, sort of. :) I got the privilege of cooking dinner for some women who were on women's retreat this Saturday. They were a bunch of girls I know, but aren't any that I work with specifically (I only work with international students) so since space was limited at the house they were staying, I stayed back, but volunteered to make dinner (partly to be helpful, and partly because I LOVE the place they were staying). The place is called Matilda, and it's in Sunbury, about 45 minutes away from where we live. It's a sheep farm! Since I love a nice drive on a warm day, cooking, loving on sweet women, and the country - it seemed like a perfect and relaxing way to spend a Saturday!

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing a few pictures. I took so many - it was hard to choose the best ones! When you arrive at Matilda, you have to go about a kilometer drive down a dirt road to the house. Along the road there are dozens and dozens of sheep everywhere! It's spring here, so all the baby lambs have just been born and are so dang cute! Most of them ran as fast as they could away from me, but I decided to stop the car for a few minutes and a few got bold enough to get close! It took me 30 minutes to get down the driveway because I just kept stopping and loving life in the country. Ahhh, fresh air and beauty!

Precious Lambs!

obviously edited, but how cool are those clouds!?

every time I would drive, they would run, but when I stopped the car, they would all turn back and just stare at me!

aw. one fell trying to get away.

and it got back up again!
but notice the lamb trying to feed as the mom's trying to run in the back!

"bouncing lambs" as they're called by the farmer

they were SO not happy that I was there, and continued to BAAAAA at me.

i love these two cuties…i think they are friends

And then one whispers to the other….
(RRRUUUNNN! a scary woman in a car is going to get us!!)

italian dinner i cooked (with lots of help)!

seriously good cupcakes. will post recipes later!

and the lovely ladies, who made the day even more special!

THANKS for letting me come join your sheepy party, girls!

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  1. Glad you had a relaxing day! All the pictures are so good!