Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Retreat

This weekend was fall retreat! There was so much hype leading up to it with all the planning and praying and thinking through ever single detail thanks to Dan's attention to everything. You did a great job! Not that you'll ever read this.

We went down on Friday morning, packing out our cars with all kinds of stuff to take - from s'mores supplies for 400 to sound equipment and instruments, we were set! I love love our staff team so even little things like caravanning together and stopping for lunch on the way is really fun. I got quite the education on bow hunting from Mike Miller over lunch which was enlightening and now I really want to go! I think. It was also really fun that Holly and Josh Deng joined us since Holly was singing and playing in the band, and Josh was running the soundboard and was a general help during the meetings. Jordan was singing in the band too this weekend which was really fun!

The weekend went as well as it could have possibly gone. Our speaker - Byron Straughn - on staff with Cru from the regional office - was awesome and I felt that the talks were broken down and easy enough for someone who had never heard about God before to understand, but somehow complex and stimulating enough for the most mature believers there. I learned so much about Jesus as our priest, a prophet, a servant, and our King!

So far, we have heard of at least 6 who chose to trust Christ with their life this weekend, and it is probably more. My brother's roommate was one of them! Praise the Lord! I have been praying for him.

On a side note, I got to be the emergency contact this weekend :) So that meant I spent lots of fun times in the emergency room! Of course it was with boys. Thankfully, God protected everyone from any serious injuries and it was actually enjoyable for me to be able to just take care of them and make sure they were comfortable.

Unfortunately, I got one picture of the ride home - Holly and Josh asleep in the backseat. So I won't be posting any pictures here, but I wish I could!


  1. sooo did you get to know John Kewley well then?:) He's a close-family friend and heard he went there after an intense dance off:)

    glad Fall retreat was so good! miss you guys!

  2. Praise the Lord for those 6 students!! So glad things are going well this semester!