Friday, July 23, 2010

i sorta forgot i had a blog

and this is not a promise i've officially remembered it...

but it's been crazy busy around here, y'all! tonight we went to the new river valley fair and boy was it country. i loved it though. even though i live in southwest virginia, i don't often get to experience it the way most southwest virginians probably do. there were huge cows and tons of bleating lambs and a tractor race and homemade corn dogs and lots of country people with their cowboy hats and their 4H club ribbons for winning in whatever category their goat or pig caught the judges eye. a little girl (2 years old little) standing beside me watching the sheep cry their little hearts out even said "they're a-hollerin'!" it was really cute.

that's not all that we've been up to. i don't really feel the need to recap everything just now, but let's just say we've been traveling like crazy. with vacation, summer project, family trips, and a couple weddings thrown in there, we've definitely clocked a sufficient amount of driving time. probably close to 100 hours. anyway, maybe i'll post some pictures on here soon, but i just thought this blog seemed so forlorn without its background, and with all these posts about snow at the top. hope everyone's doing well!

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  1. I'm glad you have not completely abandoned your blog! Post some pictures when you can, I'd love to see more of what you all have been up to! Love you guys!
    <3 Helene