Sunday, January 31, 2010

one snow day to the next

apparently that is my blogging schedule. Yesterday was just beautiful and so much fun. Of course you all know we had about 10 inches of snow here in Virginia. So, our snow day adventures commenced early, with me promptly cancelling my girls brunch :( Sad! Oh well, we will try again soon. We settled in to doing some reading, cleaning, laundry, your normal things. But then we got to go do some real winter adventuring in the afternoon! With Holly and Josh! It's so nice to live so close to friends, and in a small town, I guess it happens a lot, but I'm still thankful. We walked over there in our snow gear (I could barely bend my legs because I wore too many stinkin layers!). I fell about 6 times walking over there since Jordan took me up a steep hill with unpenetrated silky slippery was fun. Then we went down the hills around their apartment complex but eventually decided to make a loop around the larger Ellett neighborhood. Let me just say - that was a workout!! Holly and I walked behind our husbands so they could make some sort of tracks for us since our legs are just a bit shorter than theirs. We had to stop halfway through for a angel making session (or was that just our excuse to lay down for a minute?!) This snow made for an excellent mattress, we all agreed. Then we walked about a mile or more loop stopping at every good hill. I should have taken pictures, but it just seems my luck always catches me with a dying battery (or I'm always forgetting to charge it). After several GIANT hills and lots of laughs, we made it back to our house with wet hands and Jordan's jeans soaked through! Such a trooper. We then tried to excavate our car from the snow to drive it back over to their house. That was a sad fail. Jordan was very diligent but in the end, the snow won the battle. This morning we woke up to a plowed driveway, with a gigantic pile of snow right behind...guess what...our car. We'll see how that battle goes this afternoon. At least we got to finish up with some delicious snow cream and good company. :) Enjoy your snow days!

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  1. I love reading your stories! The snow makes it so much fun! We are officially experienceing our first blizzard as newly marrieds! Getting snowed in is too fun :)