Wednesday, December 17, 2008

on graduating

I know I know. I have not posted in a while and several of you pouted at me. I still don't have anything too interesting to say, but I'll speak my piece anyway. This week (and last week) has marked the end of my college career. I did a 25 minute  presentation, wrote a 10 page paper, a 15 page paper, and took one last test (which I got a 98 on, so I was very happy with how I finished up on test scores). It was weird, as I was doing those last few assignments, I got a little nostalgic, like I didn't want to be done with my last paper. So I kept adding little things to my binder that I had to put it in to make it look more pretty or whatever. It was quite weird, especially for those of you who know how crazy (and quite annoying) my life has been this semester with juggling full time school, new marriage, and a full time job. It doesn't need to be said that I will be glad theoretically to kick one of those roles to the curb. It's just so different when you've been doing something for 19 years straight and then it just ends abruptly. I don't know, maybe it's because I get too much value out of achieving things in school. Which in that case it will be a good thing to get rid of that attitude. I don't know. I am looking for a cute dress for graduation. A long sleeved one. This is the one I tried on yesterday at Ann Taylor Loft, and it is on sale. Which is always good. I think I will wear black tights with it. 

The other things that I did this week was go CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Usually this is much more climactic of a time, but this year Jordan and I went out and got all but a few books in one night. I guess we'd had plenty of time to think about it and so we just got everything. I still have to finish up a few crafts but besides that - let the wrapping begin!

We had a party of here the other night (which I neglected to take any pictures at) as a study break thing and to have pizza at our house for all of the students who are still trying to finish up exams. Ugh, I really do despise exams and we wanted them to have a fun place to take a break. We ordered tons of Papa Johns pizza (which is by far the best in my opinion) and then just hung out. Some people played settlers for a while but most of us curled up on our couches (and a lot on the floor since there were 20 people) and watched a couple of Christmas movies - Santa Clause 3 and the classic, White Christmas. We actually introduced several people to this movie for the first time - I was shocked. But anyway, it was a great night and a lot of students who hadn't been over before came which was great to hang out with them. They used our office to study some in between everything. It was cute. I like my job when it's taking care of people. 

Today I will spend some time with Chez, do some more crafts, wrap hopefully all of the presents, but that dress, and some shoes hopefully, and then relax with my husband. It should be a good day, and hopefully quiet since my parents and grandma are coming in tomorrow. Which will be fun but hectic when you're dealing with a lot of people. Then graduation is at 11 am on Friday. Wish me luck - especially if I buy really high heels - I don't want to fall!

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