Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In the midst of packing and preparations to leave the big, beautiful America on Saturday, I anticipated feeling stressed, guilty, overwhelmed, and unsure of myself. Reality is very different! I feel so much more at peace about this whole process then I ever imagined I could feel. Thanks Jesus for the provision and protection and guidance you give us - and just the grace to relax and trust you in the midst of HUGE, life-altering, crazy changes in life. You are such a big God and I truly feel so calm. Believing you for the big things in the next few weeks and over the course of this year feels so much easier when I look at what you've done in my heart and in our circumstances in the past few months. Your plans and my plans often do not match up. But I am beginning to be more and more okay with that fact, because you prove yourself over and over again. You are so kind and faithful. When you allow hard things to come into my life, I am given opportunities to learn about your character and grow as a person in ways I couldn't if life were always easy. You never said it was going to be anyway. Just that you'd be there with us. My prayer is that I would learn to walk continuously without worry, fear, or uncertainty...because I know who my God is and that I'll spend eternity with Him. What could be better than that?


  1. I'm so proud of you two for your ability to trust. As you know, our God is a BIG God and will be with you. The best place you could be is in His will! Love you!

  2. Jessamyn, I am so excited for you and Jordan. I must admit, a little bit of me is jealous that you are getting ready to embark on this huge exciting journey together! I will be praying so often for you. I hope you update your blog often, so we can keep up with you :) LOVE YOU!