Saturday, September 25, 2010

thunder valley

Last night, Jordan and I and Dan and Kelsey went to Thunder Valley in Salem. I wish I had taken pictures because it was probably really funny to see four people in their mid-twenties playing laser tag against 10 year old kids. I felt pretty bad when we beat 6 kids 10,000 points to 1,900. After a game (on a horrible course) of putt-putt, and spending our 40 tokens in the arcade as fast as we could before the place closed, we left for Red Robin, and Kels and I both got car sick. :( It was a good night - I love getting to experience all that Southwest VA has to offer, especially now that I'm getting so nostalgic about leaving.
I am planning to try to catch up on posting about this summer, but that will have to happen gradually. Today we're smoking meat and watching the game while preparing for the missions conference our church is having tomorrow. Go Hokies!

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