Thursday, December 3, 2009

part of the Christmas spirit

I've been reading blogs and facebook posts all about people being behind on Christmas shopping or bragging that they got theirs done a month ago. I guess everyone can have their own take on this, but I think part of the fun of the Christmas season - at least the month of December - is shopping for Christmas presents! I wouldn't want to do it any earlier than I do. Jordan and I have just been starting to really brainstorm what we want to get our family and friends, and I just breathe it in. I love the generosity and excitement of this time of year, and I love the feeling that comes with buying the perfect gift for someone. I think if I bought my presents before the middle of December, I wouldn't hardly be able to wait 'til Christmas to give them away. I know there's a sense of accomplishment with having all your wrapped presents under the tree as soon as it's up, but I must say I prefer the gradual build up over the month as you buy gifts one by one. It just seems like more hype. Anyway, just my preference on that. Hope you're having a nice Thursday!

PS: promise I'll post the pictures from Thanksgiving and the recipes!

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