Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the BLIND side

Last night, my family went to this movie (The Blind Side), and I had to post about it was just THAT good. If you're in the mood for a feel good, will make you cry a little, inspiring movie for the holidays - this is a good bet.

On another note: Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it!
On our prayer letter this month we just talked about what we were thankful for (okay, actually I wrote them all - it was my month to write the letter). So, without further ado - here they are!

We are thankful for the Wonderful Savior, Awesome Friend, and Mighty King we have in Jesus.
For the power of the gospel, and the ways God has used us to see it truly transform lives forever.
For each of you all, who faithfully pray for us, encourage us, and support us! You are an answer to many prayers!!
That we got to go to Colorado to take seminary classes this summer (and do lots of hiking)!
That God has helped us to process through some hard things this year, and has given us vision for our future.
For holidays and the joy they bring with them!
For our New Testament Survey class - we have enjoyed doing it together this fall and have learned so many things that help us understand the gospel better.
For our Bible studies, fellow staff members, and other students who want us back at Virginia Tech.
We are thankful that God has provided 90% of our initial support through individuals and churches in the last three months!
For the students we disciple who have really become close friends.
That God has been faithful to help Jordan continue to grieve the loss of his mom and begin to heal.
That we have friends who care deeply about us, visit us, and are a consistent part of our lives.
For the weddings we’ve gotten to attend this fall. They are a great reminder of the vows we made last year and also lots of fun!
That we have a job serving the King, especially in the midst of the present economy.
For our families, and their generosity while we’ve been in Mechanicsville this fall.

There they are!
Two other things - tomorrow means going to New York City! AND I just got a new book in the mail to start reading! It's called In the Walled Gardens and it's a cultural, historical fiction book about a couple in Iran. I got it for 60 cents off Amazon!! Love that.

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