Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy happy

I'm so excited for this weekend. And I'm just feeling great about life today.

I loooove when this happens.

To start, I had a great time with the Lord this morning reading 1st Corinthians. It's been a while since I've just read it straight through and I've been enjoying it so much! Paul is so serious about so many things, it pushes me and refreshes me in my diligence to pursue the Lord with conviction and purpose.

I'm also excited because we are now at 83% of our initial support!!! YAY. This means that we may in fact finish quite soon!!! We'll see what God has in mind for that, but regardless, it's way exciting and encouraging. And it just makes me want to really enjoy the rest of our time here doing that [in Richmond] because we have so much time to spend with each other. PRAISES!

Another thing: Chad and Maggie's wedding is this weekend!! I love weddings and I'm so excited to see them united in such a beautiful relationship. And I'm really excited to see like ALL our staff team, and the Dalys!!! Jess has an awesome blog [] that I enjoy reading and she's just so sweet and a special woman. So I am excited to spend some time with her.

AND!!!! We are going apple picking on the way to Harrisonburg for the wedding! double YAY. I have been wanting to do this throughout college and we never have so I am looking forward to it for sure. I want to make a few apple pies, some homemade applesauce and I think I'm going to try my hand at making apple butter and can it for gifts!! We'll so how that goes.

Anyway, just wanted to share the love and joy of my day.


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  1. sounds perfect! have fun at the wedding and apple picking! (when i first wrote that i typed it apple licking.. i should have kept it like that (: )