Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cookout Yummies

Today is the day for the cookout for Jordan's birthday! I am so excited. I love cookouts - the company, the activities, the bustle around the kitchen, the relaxing around the grill, the cool summer night air. And cookouts always mean: really good food!

So, I have made it my project and activity of choice for occupying most of my spare time this week. It's been fun to plan the menu, shop, and the past couple days, get everything ready! I am really sitting down to take a break from cooking nonstop today just to write this! I wanted to record and for you guys to know all the yummy food we get to have for our cookout tonight!

I asked everyone to bring their own meat, so who knows what people will come with, but I bought Jordan a big juicy strip steak. And I'll just eat sides:

Veggie Skewers: on the grill with corn, zucchini, grape tomatoes, and red onions. And a chili rub.
Potato salad: this is really simple, just a martha stewart original with bacon and scallions.
Classic mac-and-cheese: another martha recipe.
Homemade applesauce: just like my grandma makes. absolutely delicious, and a cookout staple.
Salad: asian island crunch - just bought it from the store.
Summer Sangria: with lemons and limes and oranges. and pineapple juice.
Raspberry Iced Tea: sooo yummy. i tried it this morning! i also made raspberry ice cubes that are so cute!

For dessert:
Summer Snowballs: this isn't the link to the exact recipe i used (i couldn't find it online), but they are similar! i dipped mine in toffee bits, coconut, and chopped up reese's pieces.
Vanilla Cake with Key Lime Buttercream Frosting: i am really hoping my cake looks at good as this one! YUM! it just came out of the oven so i need to make the frosting soon. :)

Okay, this is the end of my gush about yummy food at happy birthday cookouts in blacksburg. I'll let you know which recipes turn out especially well (and, of course, which shouldn't be tried). Happy August!

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