Thursday, July 9, 2009

Road Trip Recap:

Okay, I know this is bad. It's been about a month since we got to Colorado, but I sorta despise long blog picture posts. But then when I'm done I love them. And Anne Parker got on my case for not posting, so out of love for her, I am abandoning the procrastination :)

These are all of our 26 hour road trip from Blacksburg to Ft. Collins....starting with the crazy huge cross in SWVA...I love us.

Sadly, I only got pictures of 3 of the state signs out of the 6...I thought about cheating and getting them off line, but I can be honest. We just weren't quick enough!

Us, drivin' along - with all our stuff for the summer! The car was so heavy.

In Nashville, we stopped at the Opryland Hotel - which I kept calling the Grand Ole Opry. It was so cool and a great hour-long break for us. If you've never been there - and are in Nashville - you should definitely visit. It is filled with indoor gardens, shops, pathways, restaurants. It's really a resort town all in one place. You wouldn't even have to leave if you were there for a week. We got Haagen Daaz while we were there! I love their honey vanilla flavor.

Random bridge in Kentucky, I think. Maybe Illinois. But it's pretty.


In Carbondale, we stopped to visit Colleen. I haven't seen her in 2 years and it was awesome to stay with her. Her family was so hospitable and sweet. And Colleen and I stayed up til 1 talking - I love friends I can pick up with right where we left off. Happy Marriage in 16 days!!

Driving into ST. LOUIS! The arc. Which we didn't go up in. We were trying to stick to free stuff.

Got this the second time around - when we had to turn around cause we got on the wrong highway -- oops!

Busch Stadium - the St. Louis Cardinals. You could practically see into the stadium from the interstate.

Then we stoppped at the St. Louis Zoo - which was free :) and so fun! We stayed for a couple of hours and had a great time

These were HUGE turtles!!

Love him.

These were statues - in case you didn't know.

In Kansas City, MO, we happened upon an AWESOME outdoor integrated shopping center/mall thing - kind of like Carytown in Richmond but way cleaner and bigger - and with shops you would see in a mall.

Isn't that crazy that they have the doggie bar! Such a good idea though for an outdoor mall.

All of the architecture was Islamic which was kind of weird - but i loved it!!

Too bad we didn't go to PF Chang's or Fogo, but it was cool to see them!!

Amazing windmills that I was obviously obsessed with.

These were in Kansas, while we drove the 464 miles in one day.

The huge Van Gogh painting in Goodland, KS, where we were planning to stay. We decided to drive through to CO that night. But notice the scary clouds. While we were there eating, there was a tornado warning for the area - and the locals were telling us they'd take us to their shelter and stuff. Kind of unnerving, but after our near death experience, we made it out alive. :) whew.

Now we're in Ft. Collins - this is our lovely dorm room! I brought our sheets and comforter and stuff from home which makes it way more homey. And we have an awesome view!!

See...I told you, this is from our dorm room. :)

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  1. LOVE the Pictures!! Love Y O U!! Can't wait to hear the stories