Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what if...

...we had gotten pregnant on our honeymoon!

*We would be having a baby right now...9 months later...
*I would be rethinking ministry on campus.
*We would be stressed about how little space we have for baby Peace.
*We would reconsider going overseas next year.
*I would be huge with baby!
*We would have probably bought a more family friendly car.
*We would be raising a ton of support.
*Pampers would be taking over my linen closet!
*We would have had conversations names, summer plans, our parenting skills...etc.
*We would be getting an apartment for the summer at New Staff Training (no dorm room for baby!)
*I would have painted, against the wishes of our landlord, a pretty nursery.
*Maybe we would have gone house hunting(??).
*We would have had baby showers, huge doctor bills, nursery furnishing expenses.
*I would probably listen to Mozart. (Will I be that type of pregnant mommy??)
*Our house would be filled with talk of children.
*Our friends would be going crazy with excitement (hopefully!).
*We'd be wondering when the next one should be planned......

WHEW. Glad that didn't happen!
I'll wait another few years, please, for baby Peace.



  1. haha you make me laugh-- yay for no babys!

  2. hahaha hooray for no honeymoon babies :)

    we are so excited about coming to bburg! We'll definitely have to hang out and double date. hope you're doing well!