Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Weekend to Remember...

Family Life puts on a conference focused on marriages in cities all over the country every year. We were pointed towards the Weekend to Remember conference by our campus directors because they said they are a great thing to go to in order to build a lasting foundation, understand each other better, work through potential things that would isolate you from each other, etc. They said they try to go every couple of years - just to make sure they are putting in lots of time together - and not just into their kids, work, life, whatever. So, I just wanted to share about this because I think it's going to be a really great weekend for us as a couple! We're going to the one in Roanoke March 20-22 and driving home one night and staying in the hotel one night so it's a little cheaper. Here is the website. I have also heard that this is a great great thing to do while you are engaged. If you are interested in going - let me know and I will give you a promotional code that will save you $80 as a couple!! That's about 30% of the conference cost! 

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