Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The First Post!!

Since we've gotten married and started life on staff, I've really wanted to start a blog so that we could keep in touch with our friends and families lives better. Unfortunately, not too many of our friends have them! So, I'm hoping that the more of you all that start reading this, the more that will begin their own! Maybe I'll be a trendsetter in this....I hope so!! I saw a friend from high school's blog the other day and it was so cute that I was inspired. Since I'm totally new to this whole blogging thing I'll probably be bad at it at first, so give me grace please! And I'm hoping that I can figure out a new template or design my own, so that will be an experiment as well.

This past weekend my parents were up, so we had a great time with them. I felt bad because they stayed in a hotel - it is a lot with just 2 bedrooms and one bath trying to have 2 or 3 extra people stay here. I'm hoping that eventually we'll have a REAL guest room for people when they come to stay, since we've already had a lot of them! On Saturday we went to the 1964 concert in Burruss (Beatles Tribute Band) and it was so much fun! Sarah, Leah and I went and saw my parents and brother there which was great. We had so much fun dancing in the aisles - I love my friends and that we do things like this still. Here are a couple pictures we took afterwards...

Sarah, Leah, and I
Sarah, Katherine, Leah, me, and Jen

 After the concert we all went back to our house and played Phase 1o with Scootie, Peter, and Jordan. I won!!! I never win at games like this so I was quite excited! :) It was a great night. I love my friends - which makes me sooo excited for this weekend since Sarah, Leah and I are going to go visit Anne Parker and her new house (and JM of course!). As JM says, all the hens will be cluckin around his place.


  1. it looks great - i'm glad you started one!

  2. I'm glad you started one to... maybe I'll think about it ps i am so jealous of you all hanging out - at least i get to play soon too!